Constitution and By-laws Brigham Young Granddaughters Association

(Revised 2019)

Article 1: Name The name of this organization shall be “Brigham Young Granddaughters Association.”

Article 2: Membership

Section 1: All direct female descendants of Brigham Young over the age of 8 are eligible for membership in this organization, including in cases of adoption.

Section 2: Mothers of direct female descendants are eligible for membership at the discretion of their direct descendant daughters.

Section 3: An eligible person becomes a member upon payment of dues, and are granted voting privileges.

Section 4: Any membership conflicts shall be mediated by the Officers of the Executive Committee with a majority vote of the officers making a final decision. Additional advice or a deciding vote can be obtained from the Past Presidents Council if needed.

Article 3: Dues

Section 1: Membership dues are payable before the annual meeting within the fiscal year. The fiscal year for this organization being July 1 – June 30. A date may be chosen by the President to have the dues collected by for the purpose of paying for annual meeting preparations.

Section 2: All members, including those 8-18 years old, are asked to pay dues.

Section 3: The main purpose for having the dues fund are:

A: For the preparation of the annual meeting including venue, food, minimal décor, and whatever else is deemed necessary for the event

B: Fees for maintaining the Brigham Young Granddaughters Association website and electronic payment services

C: To send flowers to the family upon the death of anyone who has served as past president of the association

D: To meet the miscellaneous expenses that are necessary to the functioning of the organization.

Article 4: Purpose The purpose of this organization shall be:

A: To provide an opportunity for all members to meet together once a year

B: To promote social relationships and closer acquaintanceship among members

C: To foster and encourage appreciation for our great heritage and strive for further knowledge concerning our ancestor, Brigham Young, and his wives

D: To contribute to a charitable service project

Article 5: Officers

Section 1: Those eligible to be elected as officers on the Executive Committee include dues-paying direct descendants of Brigham Young. Mothers of direct descendants are not eligible for positions in the Executive Committee.

Section 2: The officers of this Association shall consist of Advisor, President, President Elect, Vice-President and Secretary in ascending offices.The positions of Treasurer, Historian, and Assistant(s) to the Historian are non-ascending officers.

Section 3: These officers shall constitute a committee known as the Executive Committee and shall handle all business of the Association and plan for all meetings and activities of the Association.

Section 4: Past Presidents of the Association shall be part of the Past Presidents Council, which can be called upon by the Executive Committee when needed.

Section 5: Term of Office

A: All officers shall be elected for the year by a majority vote of the members in attendance at the annual meeting and shall take office immediately following the meeting

B: With the termination of the president (one year) the next three to four officers, in named order, shall advance to the next above office

C: The new officer scheduled for regular election shall be Secretary

D: It is desirable that the Historian, Assistant(s) to the Historian, and Treasurer serve for as long as they can give service; and replaced by a regular election upon leaving service

E: All terms of office may be subject to change and can be handled according to the discretion of the Executive Committee in consultation with the Past Presidents Council. This applies to holdovers, resignations, etc.

Should any officer find it necessary to resign before the termination of her term in office, the President shall have the power to appoint someone to take her place for the unfinished term as deemed necessary

Section 6: Additional volunteers may be added to the Executive Committee as non-officer committee members to help with the annual meeting as needed. These non-officer committee members are eligible to be elected to the office of Secretary at the annual meeting to advance their position in the committee.

Article 6: Duties of Officers

Section 1: The President shall be the Chair of the Executive Committee. She shall sign the bank application with the Treasurer so that either one may withdraw the Association funds. The President may call the Executive Committee to a meeting when deemed necessary and shall take the lead and responsibility of helping the organization function.

Section 2: The President Elect shall act in place of the President during any period of the Presidents absence or inability to perform her customary duties, and she shall assist the President at all times.

Section 3: The Vice-President shall assist the President at all times as needed or assigned by the President.

Section 4: The Secretary is responsible for keeping minutes of all Executive Committee meetings. These minutes should be kept on file for 7 years. A record of the annual meeting shall be kept in perpetuity, this shall be done in conjunction with the Historian.

Section 5: The Advisor, being the immediate prior President of the Executive Committee, shall be responsible to advise and assist the President and Executive Committee for a full year following her Presidency.

Section 6: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of dues, contributions of monies for the annual meeting, service projects, etc. She shall have charge of funds of the Association and deposit them into an account dedicated to the Association. The President and Treasurers signature shall be equally valid so that either one may withdraw money for Association Business. The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all monies received and all disbursements for 7 years, and once a year shall submit a report of the same in itemized form to the Executive Committee. A condensed form will also be shared at the annual meeting and kept in the Treasurers permanent record. The Treasurer will also submit the annual tax forms due at the end of each fiscal year.

Section 7: The Historian, along with her Assistant(s), will be responsible for the care of the History Book. She shall preserve appropriate items of interest to the Association. She shall keep the History Book up to date and display it at the annual meeting. She shall also gather and maintain the descendant genealogy of the Association. She shall also gather and maintain contact information lists of all the descendants as much as possible.

Article 7: Activities

Section 1: An annual meeting shall be held on the first Saturday in June of each year.

Section 2: A service project shall be selected each year to be completed at the annual meeting.

Article 8: Amendments to this document shall become valid by a majority vote of the members in attendance at the annual meeting.